KM, Moscow, Russia


This is a LM called "LK" (Lunar Kabin). It's at least one reason to visit the Kosmos Museum (KM) in Moscow! The first moonwalker might have flown this vehicle, had the Soviets' fortune been better than the Americans. I always thought theirs looked more like the classic moonship. Both efforts certainly used an ecclectic and fascinating collection of pieces and parts.


NTM, Oslo, Norway

No Matter Where You Look...

May I present Gemini X (10), in of all places, the Norwegian Technical Museum. How did it get there? I guess our governments arranged a little trade or something? The missing pilot's hatch is at the Virginia Air and Space Center, Hampton Virginia. I've also tried to figure that out. This is very near the large Navy base at Norfolk, and since Gemini X Commander John Young was Navy...? But it was Mike Collin's EVA hatch, and he was Air Force. Maybe it's just nice that all the pieces are still around at all.

I figure if you're enough of a space geek, you'll go to substantial lengths to find flown spacecraft. Although, if my wife hadn't attended school in Norway, I doubt I'd have seen it.


And, I suppose there is one more... the "Small, Extremely Inexpensive Space Museum" (SEISM) in Texas...