The SEISM: My Collection (Continued)



Later Era (1971-1975)


Apollo Era Relic: "Space Potty" An Offal Waste/Waste Management System (OW/WMS) Collection Unit! This was a plastic bag which an astronaut attached to his bottom using a built-in adhesive opening, performed the required waste download, and then used a built-in finger glove to finish the procedure. (1972)

Apollo Era Promotional: Program and mission patches matchbook set (1972)


Apollo 15 Print: Dave Scott autographed portrait, with US flag and LM Falcon at Hadley Base. (2000)

Dave Scott Print: Apollo 15 official crew portrait. Autographed & inscribed. (2006)

Al Worden Print: Apollo 15 official crew portrait. Autographed & inscribed. (2006)

Apollo 15 Lunar Relic: Small graphite "X" mark from flown lunar pencil carried aboard LM Falcon by James Irwin. (1975)

Apollo 16 Montage: Charlie Duke autographed plate (1999) on official crew portrait (1972), reproduction mission patch, silver mint commemorative coin. (1972)

Apollo 16 Print: John Young and Charlie Duke inspect actual flight article Lunar Roving Vehicle. Autographed and inscribed by Duke. Inscription reads: "This turned out to be a great ride!" (2007)


(Pending: Apollo 16 Pan goes here)

Apollo 16 Flight Plan: An early draft of the complete mission, with objectives, timelines, alternate missions, and even crew menus. A saved transcript page from the actual mission, with a famous reference to John Young's gastric distress on the lunar surface, was tucked inside. (1972)

Apollo 16 Lunar Surface Relic: Velcro swatch, stained with a small amount of Moondust. From Spaceflori. (2005)

Close Up

Apollo 17 Print: Gene Cernan in pre-mission LRV training at KSC, waving to tour bus. Autographed and inscribed. (1972)

Apollo 17 Gene Cernan Montage: Lunar surface photo, mission patch, book inscription, and personal meeting photo. (1999)

Apollo 17 Print: Autographed photo of CDR Gene Cernan aboard LRV, near LM Challenger in Taurus-Littrow Valley. (1999)

Harrison "Jack" Schmitt Print: Apollo 17, with LRV and flag. Autographed and inscribed. (2005)

Apollo 17 Print: Official crew portrait, autographed by Cernan, Evans, Schmitt, with small Kapton foil swatch from CSM America. (1972)

Apollo 17 Commemorative: Thank you certificate presented by Grumman Aerospace for mission contributions. (1972)

Harrison "Jack" Schmitt Print: Apollo 17 with LM Challenger, LRV, and flag. Autographed and inscribed. (1972, 2005)

Apollo 17 Sculpture: "Apollo Astronaut: America Wins the Space Race," National Air & Space Museum Collection, from Code 3 Collectables. A-17 mission patch added. (2005)

Alan Bean Lithograph: "In the Beginning," Signed by 20 Apollo astronauts, including 8 Moonwalkers (Schirra, Cunningham, Borman, McDivitt, Schweickart, Stafford, Aldrin, Collins, Conrad, Gordon, Bean, Lovell, Haise, Shepard, Roosa, Mitchell, Scott, Worden, Duke, Schmitt) (1994)

Astronaut Golfer Figure: Pewter in lucite (2000)

Moon Globe: Buzz Aldrin autographed (1999) Apollo Moonflights Globe, manufactured by Bonus Enterprises (1970)

Texas Artwork "Moonwalking Cow": From the Cow Parade series. Lunar base reads: "Houston, We have Landed!" (2005)

Apollo Program Plate: PMC Industries, mission patches and Apollo 15 scene. (1974)


1973 - 1974


Paul Weitz Print: Skylab 1 official crew portrait. Autographed & inscribed. (2006)

Joe Kerwin Print: Skylab 1 official crew portrait. Autographed & inscribed. (2007)

Jack Lousma Print: Skylab 2 official crew portrait. Autographed & inscribed. (2006)

Gerald Carr Print: Skylab 3 Manned Maneuvering Unit test. Autographed & inscribed. (2006)

Ed Gibson Print: Skylab 3 official crew portrait. Autographed & inscribed. (2006)



1961 - 1975


Soviet Space Pins:

Column 1 (Left) - Yuri Gagarin, 1x memorial & 2x commemorative

Column 2 (Center) - 2x 1st Spacewalk/Leonov; 1x 30 years of Rocket Travel

Column 3 (Right) - Lunakhod Rover; Soviet Air Force; Soyuz 11 & Salyut 1


Valentina Tereshkova Print: First Woman in Space, Vostok 6. Autographed & inscribed. (2006)

Pavel Popovich Print: Vostok 4. Autographed & inscribed. (2006)

Alexei Leonov Print: World's First Spacewalk, Voshkod 2. Autographed & inscribed. (2006)

Valeri Kubasov Print: Soyuz 19 / Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. Autographed & inscribed. (2006)

Shuttle & Miscellany      

Samples from the Patch Collection : Clockwise from top:100 Manned Missions, Snoopy on Moon, Grumman LM 12, Ed Mitchell Apollo 14, Apollo 14 Backup Crew "Beep Beep," First Moon Landing, Apollo 14 Lunar team Snoopy (center)

Space Photography Presentation Book: My really, really wonderful friends and co-workers, knowing my love for the space program, on the occasion of my retirement from the U.S. Air Force, sent this book to the Astronaut Office in Houston, where 17 Shuttle & ISS astronauts inscribed it. (2005)

Clayton C. Anderson, ISS Exp 14... Michael Bloomfield STS-86, 97, 110... Mike Fossum, STS-121... John M. Grunsfeld, STS-67, 81, 103, 109... Chris Hadfield STS-74, 100... John B. Herrington, STS-113... Janet Kavandi, STS-91, 99, 104... Scott J. Kelly, STS-103, 118... Rick Lennehm, STS-78, 90, 109... Steve Lindsay, STS-87, 95, 104, 121... Glenn Love... Steve MacLean, STS-52, 115... Barbara Morgan, STS-118... Lisa Nowak, STS-121... Nicholas Patrick, STS-116... Piers Sellers, STS-112, 121... Stephanie D. Wilson, STS-121

John Young Print: Official STS-9 crew portrait. Autographed & inscribed. (1983)

Kevin Chilton Print: Official STS-76 crew portrait. Pilot STS-49, 59; Commander STS-76. Autographed and inscribed. (2005)

Currently assigned as Commander, Air Force Space Command (2006)

Also Featured, "Space Voyagers" Series:

Apollo Astronaut Model (1999)

Lunar Roving Vehicle Model: High fidelity 1/24 scale, with LMP figure added (2000)

LM Model: High fidelity 1/48th scale Command Service and Lunar Modules from Explorations in Time's "First Lunar Landing" set (1999)

Other Relics:

I've also managed to save some paper. This simple guide pamphlet is the only surviving evidence of my very first NASA trip: a 1968 visit to Houston when the Space Center had not yet been named for former President Lyndon Johnson. I also picked up a few NASA Facts, a series of publications provided to teachers and educators to help explain space program issues (such as nuclear reactors on the Moon, and what astronauts eat). Many thousands of Apollo period (circa 1960-1975) paper products are still out there. They may not be worth a great deal, but are a relatively easy to find reminder of Apollo history.





A Word About Collecting

It's not difficult to find Apollo stuff. Everything from genuine pieces of flown spacecraft, to Command Module coffee cans, to Lunar Rover pocket knives, is in the hands of dealers, professional collectors, and plain folks. However, it can be challenging finding collectables - items which are relatively few in number, higher in value, and having investment potential, versus memorabilia - items available in greater numbers, and less likely to appreciate in value. Generally, flown items are the most highly valued: the number of manned lunar flights is finite, and sadly the number of lunar astronauts is decreasing. They were only able to carry a small number of items in their Personal Preference Kits, and sometimes a deceased astronaut's estate might put some kit items up for auction. The 30th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission stimulated renewed interest in space collectables in 1999, and the upward trend in prices continues. Cliche's apply here: buy what you can afford, and enjoy what you buy.




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