The SEISM: My Collection

(Everything here is personal opinion, and not in any way a recommendation. Nothing is for sale, I'm just offering a look if you're interested)


I jokingly refer to this corner as the "Small, Extremely Inexpensive Space Museum (SEISM)" Technically speaking, it is a mix of artifacts, collectables, and memorabilia. Like many people, I believe the point is to enjoy the item, and the experience it represents, regardless of price paid.




Newest Additions:

Saturn V Model: Handcarved wood, 1/200th scale (1999). Base autographed by 8 Moon Voyagers: Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11; Alan Bean, Apollo 12; Dick Gordon, Apollo 12; Ed Mitchell, Apollo 14; Dave Scott, Apollo 15; Al Worden, Apollo 15; Charlie Duke, Apollo 16; Gene Cernan, Apollo 17. (2006-2007)

Moon Globe: Replogle, 1"=180 NM Scale (2002). Autographed on lunar landing sites by 8 Moon Voyagers: Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11; Alan Bean, Apollo 12; Dick Gordon, Apollo 12; Ed Mitchell, Apollo 14; Dave Scott, Apollo 15; Al Worden, Apollo 15; Charlie Duke, Apollo 16; Gene Cernan, Apollo 17. (2006-2007)



The Collection




Scott Carpenter Print: Mercury-Atlas 7 "Aurora 7" photo. Autographed and inscribed. (2006)

Wally Schirra Print: Mercury-Atlas 8 "Sigma 7" photo. Autographed and inscribed. (2006)




Gemini XI Print: Original official crew portrait of Richard Gordon & Charles "Pete" Conrad. (1966)

Third Astronaut Group Print: Original group portrait of Aldrin, Anders, Bean, Bassett, Cernan, Chaffee, Collins, Cunningham, Eisele, Freeman, Gordon, Schweickart, Scott, Williams. (1963)


Early Era (1965-1971)


Kennedy Space Center Press Pack: Promotional and background material and astronaut portraits (1965)

Marshall Spaceflight Center Visitor Pack: Promotional and background material and period mission patches (1969)

Walt Cunningham Print: Apollo 7 pre-launch photo. Autographed & inscribed. (2006)

Rusty Schweickart Print: Skylab pose with Apollo 9 inscription. Autographed & inscribed. (2006)

Apollo 11 Montage: A small piece of Columbia's Kapton foil insulation, recovered after splashdown and mounted with recovery team member signature plate, combined with a NASA print Of Buzz Aldrin with Eagle's footpad, and a mission patch (1970)

Apollo 11 Print: Reproduction print of autographed official NASA mission crew photo, Apollo 11 30th Anniversary (1999)

Buzz Aldrin Print: The most famous Apollo program image, from Apollo 11. Autographed and inscribed. (2006)

Apollo 11 Crew Prints: Original official crew portraits of Armstrong, Collins, Aldrin. (1969)

Apollo 11 Relic: A Lunar Module "Eagle" locking pin, used to secure the LM in its shipping crate for transport to the Cape. Pad crew removed the pins prior to loading the LM into its Spacecraft-LM Adapter (SLA) "garage." (1969)

Apollo 11 Souvenir Lot: Alluminum mini-LM plaque; miniature 21 July 1969 edition of the Buffalo (NY) Evening News; First Lunar Landing coin; Brooks Stamp Book of "The Space Age." (1969)

Apollo 11 LM Plaque Replica: Etched stainless steel, as affixed to ladder leg of LM Eagle, by Creative Source. (1999)

Apollo 12 Print: Official crew portrait, autographed by Conrad, Gordon, Bean. (1999)

Apollo 12 Print: Alan Bean with Surveyor III. Autographed and inscribed. (2006)

Apollo 12 Alan Bean Montage: Inscribed official crew portrait, limited edition print of Bean painting "Conrad, Gordon, Bean, The Fantasy", and reproduction mission patches (1999)

Richard Gordon Print: Apollo 12 official crew portrait. Autographed & inscribed. (2006)

Apollo 12 Video: "Apollo 12: Uncensored" by Afterburner Enterprises. Autographed by Conrad, Gordon, Bean. (2000)

Apollo 13 Jim Lovell Print: Signed 8x10 portrait. (2001)

Apollo Mission Commander Figure: Space Voyagers Series. (2001)

Apollo 13 Relic: Lucite-encased portion of CDR Jim Lovell's betacloth couch fabric from Odyssey (1970), from Kansas Cosmosphere's spacecraft restoration. (1994-1995)

STS Model: Handcarved 1/200 scale. STS-4, STS-51C Commander T.K. Mattingly signature plate. (1999)

Inspirational Photo: Lunar overshoe tread photo with Von Braun quotation. (1999)

Apollo 13 Poster: CSM Odyssey control panels, derived from Kansas Cosmosphere's restoration. (2000)

Apollo 14 Flown Relic: Kapton foil insulation from skin of CM Kitty Hawk, with Slezak certificate. (1971)

Ed Mitchell Print: Apollo 14 official crew portrait. Autographed and inscribed. (2006)

Apollo 14 Backup Crew Print: Official Apollo 14 backup crew portrait of Engle, Cernan, Evans. Autographed and inscribed by Cernan. (2002)

Apollo 14 Lunar Surface Relic: Portion of Lunar Surface Safety Line, carried aboard LM Antares, with named presentation letter, autosigned by crew. (1971)

Apollo 14 Flown Melt Mint: small Franklin Mint commemorative coin, made with portions of silver bar flown aboard CSM Kitty Hawk. (1971)